Philosophy, Mission, Objectives/Goal


The philosophy of Golden State University is to support the professional healthcare provider while encouraging the people of the local community to live with faith, hope, and love through education of healthy lifestyles. Golden State University believes in a holistic being—mental, spiritual, and physical—through knowledge nature, science, and biomedicine and practice of holistic medicine.


The mission of GOLDEN STATE UNIVERSITY is to improve the quality of health care by providing graduate education for training practitioners with courses of traditional Chinese medicine integrated with Western medical technology. The University is dedicated to enhancing the standard of professionalism in practice and theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine while also standing at the forefront of American health care to carry forward and develop Traditional Chinese Medicine.



  • Possess a solid foundation of knowledge of acupuncture and oriental medicine.

  • Demonstrate a firm understanding of the etiology of disease from the Asian medical and biomedical perspectives and apply this understanding by recommending disease prevention strategies.
  • Be able to evaluate patients’ exhibiting complaints in a manner that indicates cognizance of all relevant Asian medical diagnostic paradigms.
  • Be able to formulate treatment principles for patients that follow logically from the diagnosis to the treatment procedures.
  • To expose students to Chinese medicine, its origin, concepts, applications and philosophy as well as Western medical sciences and technology.
  • Be able to communicate in a professional and knowledgeable manner about Asian medicine and biomedicine with relevant healthcare professionals.


Address where class sessions will be held Golden State University 9047 E. Florence Ave. Unit # E, F, & L Downey, CA 90240.

CEC §94909(a) (4)


GOLDEN STATE UNIVERSITY’S (GSU) purpose is to prepare students for a career as a healthcare provider and to develop their intellectual and analytical abilities by offering comprehensive education in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is to provide job opportunities, an academic environment for faculty to further their studies in their respective fields, and to provide an institution of healthcare education and a clinical center to service the community.