Student Services

Whether you’re a student or a staff member, the University is dedicated to providing the best opportunities to you while on campus. Here, you’ll find information that helps you be an involved and knowledgeable member of our community.

Visa Services

At this time, the University does admit students from other countries and does offer visa services to issue I-20. Golden State University will vouch for student status, and any associated charges will be $200.00

Student ID card Services

The University issues student ID cards upon acceptance & enrollment. Photographs can be submitted in hard copy or digital format. The official University identification card is non-transferable. The ID card remains the property of the University, is governed by the University regulations, and expires when the holder is no longer affiliated with the University .

Academic Advising

Academic advising is both available and considered a fundamental educational tool of the University. Through counseling, students are able to improve their educational experience and establish a relationship with their designated counselors at the University .

Academic advice and counseling by the Dean and/or the faculty will be regularly available on the school premises to all students. Students are recommended to correspond with the Dean or faculty advisor once every term.

Transcript Services

The University will provide you with one transcript at no charge when you graduate from your program. If you wish to order additional transcripts, send a written request containing your signature to the Office of the Registrar. The fee for an official copy is $10.00. A check or money order must accompany your request or the request will not be processed.

Alumni Association

The goal of the Alumni Association is to foster and develop professional network relationships. Alumni may also use the library, stay in touch with the University, and take advantage of career opportunities, discounts, or other benefits. Alumni make a difference in the tone and vitality of our organization. They represent richness in diversity, age, geography, ethnicity, and gender that mirror the University today.

Concurrent Education

Once enrolled at Golden State University, concurrent education at other accredited colleges or universities can only be approved based upon the following conditions:

  1. Student must submit to the Academic Dean a written request for approval for concurrent education.
  2. The approval of courses or subjects taken by GSU students at other accredited colleges or universities will only be granted for courses in General Sciences and Western Science subjects.
  3. The courses or subjects taken by GSU students at other accredited colleges or universities shall not have time conflict with courses taken at GSU.
  4.  The courses or subjects taken by GSU students at other accredited colleges or universities shall be the same number of units or more and be of similar level in courses and contents in order to be transferred to GSU.
  5. Official transcripts of the courses or subjects taken by GSU students at other accredited colleges or universities must be submitted to the Program Student Advisor and approved by the Academic Dean for evaluation before transfer credits are awarded.
  6. A fee of $50.00 shall be required for the evaluation and processing of transfer credits.
  7. Concurrent education is not permitted for any courses or subjects in Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbology, and thus, consequently, transfer credits will not be granted on these courses and subjects.
Student Health and Safety Regulations

The University is not liable for injuries sustained by students in their activity as students, even though such injuries occur on school premises, in laboratory work, or in clinics. Students are advised to be certain that they are covered by personal health and accident insurance.

Name Change (Student or Graduate)

Students who need to change the names on their academic records may do so by contacting the Registrar in writing and providing appropriate documentation. The Registrar will then notify other University offices of the name change.

Deceased Students (Updating Records)

Family members of students who have passed away during the course of their program and are entitled to a refund are required to submit a copy of the Death Certificate to the Registrar’s office. The Dean of Academics will update the deceased student’s file at that time.